Got back from school yesterday after a very good drama filled day! Only for me to be greeted with the news that another Loved One had passed on! It got me thinking a lot about how important “ME” waking up daily is and cherishing this GIFT called LIFE despite ones circumstances.

Thanking Somebody who makes good things happen is learned behavior, like telling the truth, like honoring a promise, like staying faithful to a flawed spouse even when it’s hard, like sticking to a job and finishing it.

The Bible helps us with deep insights into cause and effect in our lives. Are our treasures the result of our hard labor? . . . of blind, random luck? . . . of destiny or kismet or accumulated karma? No, actually not. Everything good in our lives comes as a result of direct intervention by a loving Creator and by a Redeemer who loves to do good things for his children. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights (i.e., the stars)” (James 1:17).

Our instincts are either to take his gifts without noticing or thinking or to suppose that everything good in our lives comes from our own achievement.

Brother Paul knew how engaged our Lord is in the lives of each believer, and he urged a Greek congregation and he urges us to pause, notice, understand cause and effect, and make a joyful noise of thanksgiving. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Cultivating a thankful heart and thankful spirit are learned behaviors. You have to choose to be like that, because the attitude you’re born with is one of selfishness, greed, and discontent. By nature we feel cheated, envious of others, and sullen at our lot in life.

Jesus calls us to a better way. He opens our eyes to the gospel of our free and full forgiveness, given to us at the cost of his death. He opens our eyes to our new and wonderful relationship with our heavenly Father, source of all good gifts. He opens our eyes to the great wealth we already have–treasures of possessions, friends, and family. Best of all, he promises that we are not only forgiven but immortal.

We are born, all of us, with GDD–Gratitude Deficit Disorder. The notion that everything good in our lives was given by a gracious God has to be revealed to us. Without that critically important information from the Bible, we would live in the delusion that we made everything ourselves, or worse, that we were at the mercy of the gods of luck.

How many people have you thanked this week? Does your church have a thanking culture? Does your spouse feel appreciated? Do the people you work with ever hear praise from you?

What three treasures in your life can you trace back to God’s kindly giving?

But, you know, really every day is a day of thanksgiving.

Live every moment for God! The next one aint promised!

Everything in style will soon be out of Style! Please Focus on what’s ETERNAL! #sowintoyourspirit

Echoes Of A Bubbling Mind


I see bullets flying across the street as if possessed by some highly poisonous venom
Bodies here, bodies there, squares beyond, more than my youthful eye could measure
Screams and groans i hear, little un-amazed like it was a normal phenomenon
I thought it was a dream not until the wind from a near-death bullet told me to hide my head
Is this war? I asked myself, if it is, it’s an unfair one indeed .

At the dead of the night when old tales had been told to the young
When the moonlight had become hidden
When the elders of the land had gone to lay
When not even a single sound one could hear from the birds
An unfair one indeed I’d say.

One loud bullet was enough to wake the whole community
No one had to tell a tale before we knew the only watchman we could afford was dead
Like a usual practice everyone gathered at the citadel close to the market place.
The house is on fire, on fire! screamed a little child whose sense of smell was still much alive
We panicked and struggled to exit through the doors each fleeing to our respective homes
Bullets here and there save your head or else you’d be dead
Bodies lay groaning, had no time for mourning said our nearest instinct
As we tried to enter our houses we saw more flames, from the citadel or from ours? No one could tell

Through the smoke the old limped, the young screamed and the youths ran just to escape one more fire
‘Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace, here you are again!
Face to face we met with our invaders, unarmed unprepared and uncertain
They spared us no minute as they fired at us.
My eye went red as i saw elders struggle their last
Thanks a lot sirs ‘cause they’ve been struggling all this while, you know, to make ends meet, have shelter, to build their future, but you just made it easier
You know some still haven’t figured out what would fill their belly tomorrow, neither do they have any jobs, but hello, you just helped quench their hypertensive thoughts, only that you could have let them die honourably, they’ve struggled all this years shouldn’t they have earned a peaceful death?

As they lay it was apparent they wanted to do one last thing
Last prayer you may think but that didn’t matter to them so much
Just one last thing i could hear their hearts say
One last thing their time could not permit
One last thing the possessed handmade metal could not let them do
Some last words of advice, they could not give.

I could hear their hearts cry child! Child! Child!
When we are gone make this a better place
We have neither jewels nor gold but we give to you the batons of our race
We grew with hope, through slavery our fathers fought
We grew with vision; through sweats we built this nation
We knew no troubles ‘cause independence seemed to end our struggles
We knelt right here on this ‘earth’, we tilled just to see a better future
We shunned the pain our hands felt ‘cause our eyes could not but see the brighter tomorrow
Our hands ached but our hearts had peace at a glimpse of its gain

Tell peace we waited for it patiently
Tell hope we expected it courageously
Tell happiness we never knew it, but felt it consciously
Tell bounty we longed for it but for death, we had to forfeit
Tell struggle we thank it for filling such a large space in our lives

We die with hope, we die with faith we die with courage knowing that our struggle would not be in vain
Yes we got independence but greed took over from bondage
Yes we were free but we die bound
We were once united now we die disjointed
We rule but we became ruled

The enemy at home is greater than that outside true is such saying
Tell this, stranger, we give this as our ‘will’, tell this ,sir, tell this to our ‘future’, we have nothing to give you but a piece of our mind, we die with it though, we still can share

Love, love, love is what we lack.
Gone are the days when we dint have to stand by our goods to sell, yet found accurate currency right on our tables
Gone are the days when we worked for aim not fame
Gone are such beautiful days when greed was deficient in our claim
Gone are the days when ‘care for your neighbours’ was our sword
Gone are the days when diligences was our watchword
Gone are the realistic days when ‘government for the people’ was our song
Gone are the days, when we were one!

Remind me stranger, remind me when last you served your nation
Remind me stranger, remind me when last you worked but for ulterior notion
Remind me stranger when you last shared your little, to meet a neighbour’s need
Remind me when last you curbed your excesses just to see others feed

Oh! You want me to tell you of the days you cunningly hurt your neighbor?
Or better still, the last decades you remembered to care for him?
Yes! now, i remember, power! You needn’t i tell you about how much you’ve deprived others their right.

You know, the other day I heard some plutocrats argue if corruption was our major problem,
If they ask for your opinion, tell them envy and greed are compatible co-partners of strive and hatred
It’s an infectious poison and doesn’t have to top the list
Not much time i got stranger, read in between the lines and you’d understand me.
Like a thump in my heart i heard the last groan of these elders, not much struggle indeed
Only so much pain it could bring.

The future! I almost forgot, so much trauma for a day like this
I looked around with enough courage to pass them across to the future
Not much time left, i would at least spare them the implicates
The old men’s words, only i got, time would not permit some pen duplicates.

First, I looked for the near-futures; they aren’t hard to come by these days
Usually, they littered the market places, loitering about
Better still gathering in small gangs and groups, till the day passes.
They should be in the city, sleeping over some unfinished jobs, you’d have thought

But alas, there weren’t so much available for them to bother themselves on
They have not the certificates? No! In fact, we have some fine products. I thought you should have gotten used to the situation around here
No jobs, no employment, Mr. none!

I thought the trauma had begun to weary my vision; it took the wind from another near-death bullet to tell me this was reality.
The future, quite alright i saw, but hey! My heart tore apart at their sights
Future lay, nations spread across, dreams bright but all, deadened by some blood sucking steel

The other day it was an enthusiastic crowd of job applicants that were trampled upon
The next was a suffering but tenacious passersby, some of which were my targets whom were blown off unexpectedly by some thundering metal gadget
Or unflinching hopes that were bombed while resorting to nothing else but their God
To mention but a few, the optimist who despite all huddles, went on to learn, only for them to end their day in some un mapped forest

Where else should i go, to the lifeless bodies that lay? Or to the future whose whereabouts is unknown?
I hear the blood of some cry; i planned to be a president, i planned to change this nation, i planned to make my dream into some actions. You’d have spared my life if only you knew what stuff i was made of,
I hear the future cry; i was about to end this struggle, if you knew better, you wouldn’t have allowed them to blow my thoughts away

I hear some others scream; chance, chance is what we need to make a better nation,
The question they all ask is, if you don’t give them a chance, how would they give you a better tomorrow?
My only hope is the lost ones in some unknown land but, alas! i know not where to find them
Mr. Mr. Have you seen them? No. what?! it’s been over a month now sir
We are still seeing to that, stranger

Seeing to your future? I wish you knew how much they matter to the progress of this nation,
If only you know what height they could take us
If only you knew their dreams, you won’t let it fade off.
I see them at first, with a sense of hope; they expect that the fleeing ones would bring help.

I see their hope fade off as the day goes by, for not even a leaf shook not to mention the whole place thundering with footsteps nor choppers
I see them, i see now that rescue makes no difference to them, as their long protected virtues has been lost and of all, lost brutally to these ones who have no vision
Who live in a land of fantasy and swim in an ocean of oblivion

I am angry at you no more sirs, ‘cause i know so strongly, that those who sent you would soon need you no more.
I see bleeding wounds, brutal beatings; i think they would have preferred death
Sirs, with respect, i ask you to take a look at the future you are destroying
To look at these, as if they were yours
I ask you to think of the gain you’d get and compare this to the bright tomorrow you forget.
I talk not to you alone but to those you work for, not as though, i am not aware of the fact that you haven’t a conscience, but as one who can regain some, at least a bit.

I tell you to squint your eyes a little, ‘cause I never can tell how much sun has blurred your vision,
Look at how ‘blessed’ the future of the nation would be if you continue this way
Take a look at how ‘easy’ life would be, if you got not one dealing with the papers and letters you hate
Look at how ‘easy’ it would be for you to kill without the instinctive invention of bullets and bombs by educated persons
Have a glimpse of how your fathers lived an ‘easy’ life without implemented equipment, to till your farmlands from which you now eat freely from as a result of westernization

En vision how ‘exciting’ life would be if you killed everyone in this nation until it’s you, yourself and you.
You know, some would say you’ve lost your minds but from the little i learnt from school i know although animals got no mind of their own but at least they got some instinct to tell them to restrict their killing, tearing ,threatening and havoc to the forest and not extend it to the land of humans.
Lest i forget i still look for the future to tell, so you could at least spare me some.

Prepare for war my people, prepare for war
Don’t be scared Mr.’s, ‘cause you aren’t our problems neither is ours that of revenge
We need to set certain things straight and now is the time
No party is to blame we all carry a large share of it

Guard yourselves with diligence and truth, youths!
Put on an armour of sincerity and love, Adults!
Listen and wear on you the cloths of our fathers’ advice, children!
Get on the right track, leaders!
There are only two and I hope you’d rightly choose between peace and corruption
Rise up all and let’s strive for a better nation, arise! and let’s war against wrong objection
Rise up in unity, and in your little corner, fight your part of this battle.

ᴥ Anonymous ᴥ


*A guest post by GBEMI who loves sharing messages from her heart with other young people through writing!

It was a bright Sunday morning, everyone was dressed beautifully.
“We are going to be late as usual” My elder brother was complaining “I don’t know why you women can’t keep to time”
I rolled my eyes, I was more concerned about the thuds I kept hearing on the roof
“Stupid rats.” I said though I was uncertain they were the ones at work. The thuds were too loud and constant.
I walked out of the house with my siblings.
“The birds are falling!” my younger brother shouted
“Ewww!” there were feathers everywhere. I was horrified. Millions of birds were lifeless on the floor.
There was hardly anywhere to put my feet. I was irritated. It was disgusting “Ewww, ewww, ewww, ewww” I kept shouting. A bird fell right next to me, another almost landed on my head. I screamed.
“Come on” My elder brother said with as much calmness as he could muster. We followed him back into the house. I kept scratching frantically. My younger brother ran to my parents with feathers all over his body.
“Dad, mum, the birds are falling” He announced with the excitement of a little child. He was confused though.
“I need to have a bath!”
“It’s on the news” My elder brother shouted from the sitting room. We practically ran to watch it. The reporters looked so worried.
“All over the world, birds of various kinds have been falling. Vultures, woodpeckers, doves and even eagles lay dead on the floor. All humans have been restricted to their homes because of the disgusting sight. What is going on? Everyone is perplexed” The female reporter started. “We are awaiting the result of the tests being carried out by doctors and scientists everywhere. What’s killing the birds?”
A male reporter continued as he lifted up his head. He had been reading something “The results are here and it seems the birds died of hunger”
“You mean the birds were starving? They were hungry?” the female reporter questioned
“Yes, that’s what the results say. Twenty scientists in different countries confirmed it” The male reporter faced us “It seems God forgot to feed the birds”
All of a sudden, someone started shouting my name. The world was shaking!
“Glory! Glory! Wake up!”
Lol, of course, it was just one of Glory’s classic dreams! God is too perfect to forget!

Matthew 6:25-26 “Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body more than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are you not much better than they?”
So family, “Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Hey beloved, refuse to worry. Be too large for worry.
Always remember that God cares and He has got you covered. If the birds are still flying, then God’s still in the business of meeting your needs. Trust Him.
God bless you.

* * *
Author: Gbemi

About the Author :
Gbemi is a young woman who has a passion for God,writing,singing and sincerity. She is committed to being used by God in whatever way He sees fit. She is a worship-leading, people-loving, word-eating annointedhead who doesn’t take much seriously apart from her relationship with Jesus. She is currently schooling @ Convenant University. You can find her blogging at G.I.R.T her personal blog»
G.I.R.T is a collage of messages from a heart that wants. joy, peace, Christ to be present in YOUR life and mine. too. Visit and be blessed!


Are you hiding from God?

“My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone’” (Song 2:10-11, NIV).

God is calling you out of your past and into your FUTURE with Him. Yes You!

No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, you were saved with a very costly price indeed and still, His grace is given to you freely. God doesn’t look at you and decide whether or not you deserve His grace. God gives His grace to you without any absolute hesitation. God knows you. He knows the desires of you heart. He created you. He wants you to want Him as the focal point of your existence. He wants the best for you because He loves you. Receiving His grace should be a reminder of all of these things!!

Grace comes in many shapes and forms of our everyday lives. Let’s take the shape of a heart, for example. Your heart beats with a beautiful rhythm everyday. God placed that heart inside of You with purposeful intentions; to find your rhythm in the world. You see, all of our purposes in the world piece their way together so we are able to achieve the mission of the world as a whole; as the family that God created for us to be. We are to LIVE and to LOVE and to GLORIFY the name of God through all that we do, as His children.

It is of utmost importance that we are known by God. Don’t get so busy labouring for God that you forget to labour with Him. When your motives become distorted and mixed, you can lose focus on His character, nature and perspective.

We can’t forget why Jesus is our beloved. We don’t pursue Him because of all we can get from or bring to Him. Our pursuit of Jesus is about His pursuit of us. It’s about HIM.

Whatever we choose to withhold from God will eventually be our downfall. He wants to be involved in all aspects of our lives. God is not a USER and a TAKER; He’s a LOVING giver.

Only when we stand vulnerably before Him, without any walls or inhibitions, can we truly develop hearts in love with Him.

“Search me, God, and know my heart” (Ps. 139:23).

What situations have you not let God into? Ask Him into every area of your life, not just the ones in which it is easily comfortable to give up control. The more you let GOD in you will feel true freedom as you learn each day to be the unique person he has created YOU to be.


Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant. (Galatians 1:10 NLT)

As leaders, as Christ followers we are called to be set apart for HIS purposes and HIS glory. Although we are to love and serve people we account to GOD first.
Regardless of what others think or feel the bottom line stands on what God says. We cannot be swayed from Gods direction or truth for the sake of being approved of by people. You can love people and be kind to people without making it your life to please people- altering your words and actions to become what you think others around you want to see.
The moment we live our lives around pleasing the world we become slaves to their opinions. We lose who we are. Opposite of the fearless leader Gods called you to be! Not only does that lead to compromise within our own lives and leadership but it stifles the growth God is working in us and through us.
We have to reflect, what carries more weight in our lives: what people think or what God said to you. When you’re chosen by God to lead and serve you must be dedicated to commit to Gods will and Gods word NO MATTER the cost and no matter what others think about you.
Because at the end of the day it’s between YOU and God and you will be accountable to Him even if no one understands and even if you’re ridiculed for it. Doesn’t matter. Stay focused on The Lord always. You’ve been called to be SET APART!!!!!!!!!!!!! #consciousness


If you blessed please share the Link…..God bless



Clifford is a 400 level medical student of the University of Ibadan. A Gospel/ Inspirational Artiste from Edo State, with an insatiable thirst to reach out to people through Music. This soulful musician is out with a new song titled ‘My Confession’ : A sincere worship song that connects man to God.

Social Network Profile:
Twitter:  @Worship_Maniac
Facebook:  Clifford Osahon Enobun
Instagram:  worshipmaniac
Reverbnation: Clifford

PRODUCER: Willz & Jimpbeats

Click here to download»

LYRICS  (TITLE: My Confession)
VERSE: I worship You, King of Kings
I adore You, You deserve my praise
I wanna be where You are, All my days
I wanna be by Your side, Till the end
CHORUS: Holy One, I give You praise
You alone art worthy
For Your good works, and Your grace
So I lift my hands to You
And I worship You
VAMP: And I worship You
With all of my heart, my mind, my soul
And I adore You
With the life You gave to me
I’ll sing Your Praise
Glory to Your Name , Glory to Your Name


If the world has lost its flavor, it is because people have become tasteless in their attitudes and actions. Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth, but if salt loses its flavor (its strength and quality), it is good for nothing (see Matt. 5:13). He also said that we are the light of the world and should not hide our light (see Matt. 5:14).
Think of it this way: Each day as you leave your home to go into a dark, tasteless world, you can be the light and flavor it needs. You can bring joy to your workplace by being determined to consistently have a godly attitude.
Through simple things like being thankful rather than complaining like most people do, being patient, merciful, quick to forgive offences, kind, and encouraging. Even simply smiling and being friendly is a way to bring flavor into a tasteless society.
Without love and all of its magnificent qualities, life is tasteless and not worth living. I want you to try an experiment. Just think: I am going to go out into the world daily and spice things up. Then get your mind set before you ever walk out the door that you are going out as God’s ambassador and that your goal is to be a giver, to love people and add good flavor to their lives. You can begin by smiling at the people you encounter throughout the day.
A smile is a symbol of acceptance and approval which is something that most of the people in the world desperately need. Deposit yourself with God and trust Him to take care of you while you sow good seed everywhere you go by making decisions that will be a blessing to others!
Always remember that God doesn’t add each day in your life because you need it, He adds it because someone out there needs you! I pray you all feel God’s presence, enjoy his grace,and experience his peace always!

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God has set apart for himself a generation of singers that will clean the church of its ugly worship state and usher in the sweetness and essence of worship. The army is not a multitude, but a few people who he has given a burden for this next move that will usher in his return. Today we are privileged to interview one of such men whose desire, passionately Is to be what God has called him to be!
In this interview with F.A.M.E, Clifford exclusively opened up on his much awaited new single ‘MY CONFESSION’…….Enjoy the interview!

FAME: Hello champ, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 

Clifford: I am Clifford Enobun, a 400L Medical Student at the University of Ibadan. Am an Artiste, A Christian, I’m the first of three children, reside in Ibadan with my family!

FAME: How did you come about singing?

Clifford: I started singing at about age 8 in my primary school choir, I just discovered that I loved people holding the microphone and that was it..

FAME: What is music to you?

Clifford: Music is everything … My Life, My Passion, My Essence, My Ministry, My Soul … It’s an avenue to reach out to people and affect them positively …

FAME: What genre of music do you do?

Clifford: Due to the fact that I sing in the church and do christian-based songs, you would say Gospel but I do sing any genre of Music, as far as the lyrics are clean and they are message-driven…

FAME: Why Gospel music?

Clifford: Like I said earlier, Music is a ministry to me … Gospel Music is just a way of bringing the knowledge of Jesus Christ to people through music.

FAME: Who are some of your favourite gospel acts? 

Clifford: My favourites are numerous, Marvin Sapp, Karen Clark-Sheard, Kim Burrell, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Kierra Sheard, Jonathan Nelson

FAME: Asides gospel music do you do other things?

Clifford: Asides music, I’m an actor, (I feature in stage plays), I also design clothes and I’m a student!

FAME: What do you have to say about secular music?

Clifford: Secular music especially in Nigeria needs more lyrical depth, we are doing well creating the best danceable beats in the world but there is more to a song than just the beats … We can do better in making good secular music with a reasonable message!

FAME: Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

Clifford: Marvin Sapp, He exudes so much confidence when singing that comes from an intimate relationship with God!

FAME: Can you give us a glimpse as to how you were introduced to Jesus?

Clifford: I became Born Again in the year 2005, although I was born into a christian family with principles and high morals & I grew up with the knowledge of whom Jesus is, so my becoming born again was more or less a call to service & deeper fellowship with the Trinity.

FAME: Okay, now on to the good stuff. You are known for your fire and zeal for Jesus. What drives you to go so hard for God?

Clifford: The Realisation that I’m NOTHING without Him drives me! & My love for Him.

FAME: Can you share with our reader’s some of your seasons of brokenness and how God brought you out of them?

Clifford: Wow! It would take days to tell them all, but like what God promised in Isaiah 43:2 , He sure will see you through as long as you stay in His will! By His grace I’m a living testimony of favour..

FAME: What are you working on right now?

Clifford: Just finished work on my new single ‘My Confession’

FAME: What inspired this single?

Clifford: Worship! ‘My Confession’ is a song that expresses the state my heart to God & it’s a song that would inform people of the reasons why He has to be worshipped!

FAME: How was the song writing process?

Clifford: It wasn’t tedious, I enjoyed every bit of the time I spent writing the song! I actually wrote the song 2years ago. As the inspiration came, I wrote!

FAME: So what should the people expect from this single?

Clifford: A soul-lifting song! A song that would be a blessing and a Standard music piece.

FAME: When is the release date?

Clifford: 12th of December 2013

FAME: Is there anything on your heart you would like to share with our readers? 

Clifford: Yes, over the years I have learnt that 1) The approval of God is much more important than the approval of men! 2) Christianity is not different from any other religion without the companion of the Holy Spirit! 3) Worship entails the totality of your Life as a living sacrifice, in and out of Church!

FAME: How can our readers connect with you?

Clifford: I’m quite active on social media-» Twitter: @Worship_Maniac Facebook: Clifford Osahon Enobun Instagram: worshipmaniac

So you all please kindly support this Excellent mind by sharing this link with your friends!!!!! Let’s support Good music!! Thanks and God bless you all……

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PFC 2013

There is such a mighty move of God getting ready to shift this generation ! My God ! I’m sooo excited for what is getting ready to hit the body !!! God’s been preparing, He’s getting ready to start birthing ! He is not caring about age, He is not caring about credentials ! He is moving by His SPIRIT !!!! GET READY !!!! GET READY !!! GET READY !!! tests will come, satan will throw darts but i tell you he is defeated he can’t stop what God is getting ready to activate into the atmosphere !!!! hallelujah !!!!!!!!! #PFC2013

Its the Power of Faith Convention 2013

Apostle Sunday Popoola Specially invites you to this year’s Power of Faith Convention from 15th to 18th August 2013.

Theme: “Lifting up”

For not from the east or from the west and not from the wilderness comes lifting up,but it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another. Psalms 75:6-7 (ESV)

He will be hosting all sons and daughters of the ministry in diaspora at a special lunch on saturday 17th August by 12noon

Kindly send a mail to to confirm your attendance at the Lunch.
For more info»
Phone-0807 204 5080
Location- 1, Faith Drive, Off Kudeti Avenue onireke Ibadan,Nigeria
God bless you as you prepare to be part of this year’s Power of Faith Convention.


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There are three types of people who you meet each day ~ those who build you up; those who tear you down; and those who don’t care anything about you. Which one of those people are you? Become aware of how others experience you today. Think about your interactions yesterday ~ your conversations, attitudes, behaviors, and mindset expressed with those closest to you, as well as with others you interacted with. Which of these people would they say you were?

You have the power to influence someone’s life for the better today and cause them to be grateful for life…just because they encountered you. Decide you will use your life to encourage, inspire, uplift, and brighten those who encounter you. You can bring a smile to someone’s face; provide a surprise; share a hug; express love, hope, joy; bring laughter and playfulness into another’s life; do an unexpected favor; and become their favorite memory of the day. Start with those closest to you, and make it your business to be a builder, encourager, and blessing!

You have something special….expre­ss the GREATNESS within you!

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Embrace his will today!! part(2)


Every true follower of Jesus Christ says he wants to do the will of God. Yet most Christians think of Gods will as something that is imposed on them – something distasteful and difficult, which they are forced to do.

I believe the perfect will of God is a matter of great importance to all who say they love the Lord. And there is a vast difference between submitting to Gods will and embracing His will.

To submit means to “subject oneself to,” or to “give in to imposed conditions.” Often, submitting is thought of in terms of punishment or discipline. For example, the government of Iraq was forced to submit to conditions of punishment set by the United Nations. The Iraqis did not embrace this imposed discipline – rather they submitted to it.

Sadly, many Christians see the will of God in this way. They picture God as demanding that they give in to a hard set of rules and conditions: “Do it My way, or on your own!”

How very wrong they are! How very different from our lovely Savior is such thinking. The truth is, when a believer knows the glory of doing the Lords perfect will, he embraces it with joy and hope! To embrace means “to clasp, as in your arms” – to press to your bosom as an expression of love and affection. Yet the sad fact is, very few Christians embrace Gods perfect will.

Perhaps youre thinking, “Gods perfect will has passed me by. My life is haphazard – it has no form or order to it.” No! You can rest assured that God has an absolute, perfect plan and will for everyone of His children. He leaves no single life to chance. In fact, He wants to order every step of your days here on earth. And He desires that you enter into His plan and will for you today!

Gods beautiful will is not just for ministers or deeply spiritual saints, but for all His children. The New Testament exhorts us: “That (we) no longer should live the rest of (our) time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God” (1 Peter 4:2). “Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in his sight” (Hebrews 13:21).

The early apostles had one desire for all the churches – that every member know Gods perfect will for their lives and embrace it. Paul wrote of a brother named Epaphras, “who is one of you, a servant of Christ … always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God” (Colossians 4:12). Epaphras knew God had a perfect will for everyone in the congregation. And he knew that if they would enter into the Lords will, they would find joy, ecstasy and their every need met.

It is very easy for any one of us to say, “Yes, I want Gods perfect will in my life!” But the truth is, no believer enters His will without a great struggle. Gods perfect will is embraced only in Gethsemane – and Jesus set the example for us.

You Simply Cannot Embrace Gods Will Until You Die to All Self-Will!
It was prophesied of Jesus from the very beginning that He would come to earth for one eternal purpose: to fulfill the will of the Father. “Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me) to do thy will, O God” (Hebrews 10:7).

Christ told His disciples: “I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me” (John 5:30). “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work” (4:34). “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me” (6:38).

There was never a moment in Jesus life when He wasnt aware that His purpose on earth was to do the will of the Father. This ought to be true of us as well – that in every waking hour of the day we seek to do His will. The fact is, we no longer belong to ourselves; we have been bought with a price. And like Jesus, we were created to do the Fathers perfect will!

Yet, no matter how spiritual you are or how long you have walked with Jesus, a time will come when youll have to decide once and for all whose will is going to prevail in your life: yours – or the Fathers. Jesus had to face such an hour. He knew He had a divine, eternal call. But He was also human – and He was greatly tested!

When that hour came for Christ, He saw before Him the painful cost of embracing His Fathers perfect will. It meant walking straight into the jaws of death – into pain that was indescribable and unknown – and he became “exceeding sorrowful, even unto death” (Matthew 26:38). “Being in an agony … his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” (Luke 22:44). Jesus very flesh began to quake!

Beloved, our Lords bloody battle at Gethsemane was all about embracing Gods will: “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt” (Matthew 26:39). Jesus own human will had to die. He had a life-or-death struggle over it!

Yet, when He arose from that struggle, His soul was flooded with ecstasy. There was something in Him of eternal glory – because something had been settled: His own will lay forever dead!

Our Lord went to the Cross with complete joy – because He was already dead. He had died to everything that was of His humanity. And He was able to say, “Father, I did not come here to live an easy life. I came to spend Myself for you. Now I face the cost – and I embrace it!”

Jesus clung to the Fathers will with an affection that lifted Him beyond all the sufferings that lay ahead. No man or demon could touch Him. And now He eagerly anticipated the glory that would be His Father’s!

If We Are to Be Like Christ, We Too Will Have Our Gethsemane When Faced With Moving Into Gods Perfect Will.
You may have testified for years: “Im here on earth to do Gods will alone. I will obey!” But then one day you are brought face to face with a life-or-death crisis beyond anything you have ever known. It is a place where choosing Gods will can be the most painful, difficult decision you have ever faced.

In the end, you have three options:

You can run.
You can do nothing, going the way of self-will.
Or you can do it Gods way, the hard way – the way of death.

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Embrace his will today!! (part1)


The Lords way almost always looks painful, hopeless. And embracing it can mean dying to all you had hoped for in the flesh. Let me give you two true-life illustrations:

A vivacious young English girl was called to be a missionary. She had given her heart totally to the Lord – and she was full of ambition for Jesus! She led a small prayer group and worked with street people. And like most girls her age, she hoped to find a spiritual young man to marry – someone who would share her burden for the lost. She testified to friends and to Christ that she was ready to “do Gods perfect will, no matter the cost!”
The day came when that desire was tested. She was just a very young girl – and the Holy Spirit told her to get on a boat and go to the Orient!

Down on her knees she went: “What about a husband Lord – a spiritual covering for my ministry? What about all the heathen in England who need You? What about all my friends and our wonderful prayer meetings? Am I supposed to just take a suitcase and go – not knowing anybody, not even the language? “She was facing the will of God – the unknowable. Yet she knew the Spirit had spoken, and His will was clearly revealed: “Go – and I ll go with you!”

She had a Gethsemane experience! And before she got up from prayer she died – to all ambition, to church and to friends, to all comfort and self-will. Joy filled her heart!

She got on the boat and kissed her friends good-bye. She had crossed the line: God’s will at any cost! When the boat came to Hong Kong, God told her to get off – and she did, not knowing a soul.

That was over fifteen years ago. Today, Jackie Pullinger is a spiritual mother to literally hundreds of junkies and troubled people in the slums of Hong Kong. She is married to Jesus and is a true daughter of Zion. She knows the ecstasy of being in the perfect will of the Father – an ecstasy that never left her once she got on the boat!

A woman named Amanda Smith lived over a century ago – a woman whose heart was set on God. She was a humble black servant and a prayer warrior. People felt the presence of Jesus around her.
God sent this young woman a wonderful, loving husband who ministered with her. Amanda was a missionary at heart – she liked to travel, and she won people to the Lord wherever they went. But then the Civil War broke out, and Amandas husband was killed.

Amanda grieved. But she continued giving herself completely to prayer and to the service of others. Eventually, though, she began to feel lonely. She began to pray, “Lord, send me a godly husband – one who will share my burden to travel and minister.

One day she met a man who appeared to be all of those things. He was a Methodist lay pastor who said he was going to become ordained as a circuit rider. Amanda prayed, “Oh Lord, thank You – this is the man!”

But Amanda did not take the matter to Gethsemane! She didnt seek the Lord for His perfect will. Deep down, she was afraid God might say no – and she wanted to marry him. Amanda never died to her will – and her will took over. They married – and within three weeks Amanda realized she had missed Gods will. Her husband was not a man of prayer – he had been acting, just to win her heart. Then he confessed he wasn’t going to be ordained. He said he knew she wouldn’t have married him if had told her the truth!

Eventually, he left Amanda and backslid. She spent the rest of her life alone. But everything she did from that point on, she took to God, dying to her own will – and was greatly blessed! The Lord led her perfectly all her days. She was used mightily as a preacher of holiness. Amanda Smith had found ecstasy in Gods perfect will!

If the Will of God Is Not Embraced Joyfully and Obediently, Something Frightful Happens!

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Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. ~ Psalm 19:14

Today is a brand new day! God has blessed each of us with another opportunity to serve Him and to be a light for Him. What a joy to wake up each morning knowing that each of us have a purpose! We are on assignment! Who can we reach out to today? Who needs an encouraging word? Who is waiting on us to notice them and assure them that someone cares?

Oh how proud our Father becomes when He sees us excited about the work He has called us to do! We can be so effective when we get our minds on our purpose and off of our problems. Every single person is going through something. We all have problems. That is just part of life. Some people are going through some very serious things right now. No matter what we are facing, we can’t get stuck there. That is what the enemy wishes to do. If he can afflict us with all kinds of junk and get us to stop dead in our tracks, he is being successful in keeping us from fulfilling the work God has called us to do. He will do whatever he can to stop us from advancing. He doesn’t want us to conquer new territory. He has watched us a long time and he knows our area of weakness. He will continue to attack us in our area of weakness as long as he can get us to stop.

We have to make up our minds that we will NOT be stopped no matter how much the enemy attacks us. When he sees that he can no longer control us, he will stop attacking in this area and start looking for new ways to slow us down. We have to have determination and passion for the work God has called us to do! We must constantly keep our mind on the things of God. We must meditate on His Word and speak according to the Word. If not, we will become negative in our minds and then negative words will follow. It is very important that we think on the right things.

God has given us everything we need to defeat the enemy. We have His Word. We have prayer. We have praise and worship. We have the Holy Spirit. We are lacking nothing! The only way we can be defeated is when we don’t use the weapons that He has given us. If we lay down and keep letting the enemy kick us around, we will continue to walk in defeat. But greater is He that is in us!

I encourage you today to rise above that situation. Get back on your feet and remember who you are in Christ! Pull out your weapons and refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy! You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ! Stand in His strength and know that He will never allow the crashing waves to take you under. This thing will make you stronger if you work with God through it. What the enemy means to destroy you with is only building your character and accomplishing such a mighty work in your life that everyone who sees you will know that you are different…you­ have been set apart…you are HIS! You are a priceless treasure and He is so proud of the beautiful person that you are!

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Hello champs!!!

All throughout my life I have noticed that things seldom work out like I think they will. I will have this grand plan of how my life is going to play out but then things happen and the plan starts looking a little different than what I thought it would.

Does that mean that my life is a failure? Absolutely not! It simply means that God knows best and He loves me enough to take the reigns and not let me always have my way! If I was allowed to follow my plan, I would end up settling for so much less than God’s perfect will for my life! His ways are always so much better than mine!

The key is to trust God with whatever comes our way. We can either stand there looking at “closed doors” and work with all our might to try to reopen that door, or we can look at the doors that God has opened. Look at the new surroundings. Begin to see the beauty of the moment that you’re in and know that this way is so much better than the way you were traveling! Stop viewing “change” as failure! Don’t think that God is mad at you or punishing you. It’s all because He loves you that He is willing to sometimes change the course of your life to give you the very best that He has in mind for you!!

Don’t be so focused on that one thing that you are seeking from the Lord that you fail to notice and enjoy all the countless blessings that are surrounding you! Take time to enjoy life and be thankful for God’s MANY blessings!!

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“Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

We live in such a fast paced society. It seems that in a blink of an eye months go by! It was just Christmas and today is already the first day of February! Most of us are so busy that we go through our days not really taking in all that’s happening around us. We don’t enjoy the simple moments. We’re too busy finishing one task so we can get started on the next one and we totally miss out on life. Our minds race at a record speed trying to keep up with everything and if we’re not careful, we will allow our lives to start spinning out of control.

When we live this way, things get even more complicated when trials come. That’s just what we need, one more thing to have to think about! How are we supposed to fit one more thing in our busy schedule? We don’t have time to deal with problems! Doesn’t God see that our plate is already full and we just don’t need this right now?!

The next thing you know, we are totally overwhelmed. Our mind becomes consumed with this problem. We find ourselves always thinking about it, trying to find a solution. We look for a way of escape. We try to understand why God is allowing it to happen. We wonder what we’ve done wrong to deserve this. Is God punishing us? Is there a way of escape? Is this the end for us?

The enemy loves to play mind games with us! If he can get us overwhelmed in our thinking, our whole life suffers. We can’t be effective for God because our focus is completely on what is taking place right now. We feel trapped and before long we are at our breaking point. We just can’t handle it anymore!

As bad as this may sound, God loves when we get to this place. Some of us have strong personalities and don’t like to give up control. It takes us getting to a breaking point before we fully surrender to God. When we throw our hands in the air and say, “God, I can’t do this anymore!” then He steps in and says, “I’ve been waiting on you to say that!”

At this place, God steps in and we find ourselves simply resting in His presence. We are filled with His peace. All the chaos seems to disappear and it’s just us and Him. We feel safe and secure. Nothing else in the world seems to matter because we are in an intimate place with Him.

Sometimes trials help us get to a place where we have no choice but to slow down and embrace His presence. Here we can just be still and know that He is God! He can speak to our hearts, energize and refresh our spirit. We find strength in this place. He is not going to compete with all the distractions in our lives. He wants our undivided attention.

May we desire to be in this place and choose to make time for this intimacy with Him without having to forced here by some tragic storm. May we daily run into His arms and surrender our entire being to Him! May we refuel every day and draw from His strength so that we are prepared to handle whatever life throws our way. Don’t wait until you get in trouble to turn to Him. Run to Him daily and then everything in your life will go so much smoother!



You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. – Isaiah 26:3

What do you do when a situation comes into your life that is difficult and just too much to handle? Do you find yourself thinking about the situation often? I don’t know about you, but I have to work very hard to control my thoughts. If I’m not careful, I will find myself replaying the same negative junk over and over in my mind and when this happens, I lose my peace.

God is our peace and we are promised in Isaiah 26:3 that we will have perfect peace if our mind is stayed on Him. That means we have to make a conscious effort to stop thinking about the bad stuff! The more we keep thinking about it, the more we will find our joy and peace fading away.

So what do we do when we have bills to pay and there’s no money in the bank? What is our response when we get a bad report from the doctor? What about when our lost loved ones seem to get meaner and meaner? Those negative thoughts will try to come but we must remember that God is greater! We must turn to the Word and remind ourselves of His promises. Instead of replaying the negative stuff over and over, meditate on the Word and keep replaying it over and over. Speak the Word out loud over our situation. The more we focus on God and His Word, we will find ourselves maintaining perfect peace no matter what is going on around us! Peace is not contingent upon circumstances..­.it comes from a knowledge of Who He is! It comes when we truly believe that He is bigger and greater than anything that can come our way! It comes when we believe that He causes ALL things to work together for our good! No matter what is going on, we have to KNOW that He is working on our behalf and He will make all things beautiful in its time!

God is good ALL the time! He is constant. His Word will remain forever. It will not return void. It is the one sure thing that we can stand on. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is our God…our Creator…our Redeemer…our Strong Tower…our Mighty Fortress…our Deliverer…our­ Prince of Peace….Lord of Lords….Alpha and Omega…the Beginning and the End…He is the Great I AM!! He is Jehovah!! He is all you need!! Never forget His goodness! Know He is always there and when you understand that He is walking through this storm with you, you will never have to fear or feel all alone!

Storms are the best thing that can happen to us. They change us. They challenge us. They equip us. They push us closer to God. We gain so much more from storms than we do in the sunny days when everything is wonderful!

Your current situation is only TEMPORARY! Everything that you’re going through is subject to CHANGE. All you have to do is stay FOCUSED. Don’t lose SIGHT. Don’t let DISTRACTIONS blur your VISION…Stay locked on GOD. Keep your eyes on JESUS. Keep your eyes on the WORD!

He is with you all the way to the very end! Keep your mind on Him and rest in His peace!



Hello champs!!

Its been an amazing year!! Your ability to read this post is enough reason to go on your knees right this moment and just thank God….he has been so faithful thus far, despite all the test,trials and tribulations that has graced the year 2012 we are still privileged to be among the living! #GRACE

Reflecting on where I was and what I was doing this time last year. My conclusion…”Lord you were right, this Is a good place”
Apostle Paul said that we as Christians have a “race” to run.

To finish a race and win, you have to first show-up and qualify for the race. You must hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is that good news about Jesus, which is proclaimed or preached. The word Christ refers both to Jesus the Anointed One and the anointing that He is anointed with. So you have to show up and hear the good news about what Jesus has done for you.

To qualify, you must also receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. But what does that mean? He is our king, supreme authority, God, master, Savior: one that saves, frees, avenges, defends, delivers, preserves, rescues and provides salvation.

Therefore, to qualify you must receive Jesus as your personal God and King as well as the one who saved you, delivered you, healed you, defends and preserves you.

In order to finish and win, you must be a participant and not just a spectator. You must report to the starter out on the track.

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, both starter and finisher because Jesus knows the beginning from the end, and because He IS the beginning and the end.

He was there “In the beginning” and He will be there at the end. His plans for YOU began back at the foundation of the world!

So, you cannot go sit in the bleachers after you get saved. Paul says that as a Christian, you are to RUN the race and that you must participate to win the prize.

To finish and win, you must be built up and properly equipped. First, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Next, you need to know what the Bible says.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance: People perish for lack of knowledge! Not knowing is ignorance, But stupidity: Lack of intelligence. Knowing but not doing is just stupid!

To finish and win, you need to be discipled to know what God expects from you and to learn Gods vision for you.

To finish and win, you have to start the race. In Hebrews12:1 says that there is a race set before us that we are to run. You have to move forward and keep moving forward.

But how do you we run the race to finish and win? In 1 Corinthians 9:24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receives the prize? So run, that ye may obtain (the prize).

We must Refuse to be distracted. In 1 Peter 4:4 They think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you.

We must Refuse to be delayed. Hebrews 12:1 Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

We must Refuse to be detoured. Galatians 5:7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? Hebrews 12:1 Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Never forget that others are watching, Hebrews 12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses…

Running the race of faith puts us right in the middle of the arena where people see our faith walk, see our struggles, and watch to see if we will win our battles.

We must always keep in mind that this is not a private race that we are running, but a race that can influence many other people’s lives. Therefore we need to run our race so that it encourages all those who are watching from the sidelines to get into the race!

In order to finish and win, you cannot weary, faint or quit. Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 2 Thessalonian 3:13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing. Galatians 6:9 In due season we shall reap, if we faint not!

To win the race, you have to finish the race. The winners in an Olympic race are rewarded both materially and with great honor. The winners of these events became revered as heroes, gods, or icons in their society. Respect, honor, notoriety and fame became their lifelong reward.

But this life is no game; it is the most serious competition we will ever face in this world. The rewards are enormous, God materially rewards us as we are faithful to His call, but He also reserves eternal rewards of honor and glory for those of us who run our race well in this life (Romans 2:10).

Obtaining the prize. You see, racers and runners have one thought foremost in their minds – the finish line!

With this analogy in mind, Apostle Paul tells us to run your spiritual race with all your might, keeping our focus on the goal of the divine calling of your life as God has revealed it to us.

You may ask, “How long am I supposed to keep running and trying to reach my God-given goals?” The answer is until you “obtain” what God called you to do! Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the finisher of our faith. 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith!

Our attitude must be, “I’m going to run this race, and I’m going to finish it and I’m going to obtain the prize! I’m not going to live my whole life missing out on what God has for me!
I’m not going to settle for just being average. No matter what inconvenience I endure, no matter what price I have to pay, or what adjustments I have to make, I am going to faithfully run my race so that one day I can obtain the prize!

People, God has not forgotten your prayers, he hears the cry and desires of each and every one of us, whatever it is you are facing, God can do the impossible.(HOLD ON OK) I just want to encourage everyone reading this post today that, keep trusting God, don’t loose hope, faith, be strong in him for he is mighty in battle the king of Glory. Lets get out of your comfort zones and praise God even in the tough times….God is gonna crown this year on a high for us all In jesus name!

THINK ABOUT THIS—-» What if all you had tomorrow, was what you thanked God for today?

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A couple went into an antique shop and saw a beautiful, magnificent teacup sitting high on a shelf, and they just fell in love with it.

They said, “We have got to have that teacup.”

They began to admire the teacup, and all of the sudden, it began to talk to them.

It said, “You know, I’ve not always been like this.

There was a time when nobody would have wanted me. There was a time when I was not attractive at all. There was a time in my life when I was just an old, hard, gray lump of clay.

The master potter came and picked me up one day, and began to pat me, and shape me, and I said, “Leave me alone! What are you doing? That hurts! Just leave me alone!” And he simply looked at me and said, “Not yet.”

And then he put me on this wheel, and began to spin me around, and around, and around, and I just got so dizzy that I couldn’t even see where I was going anymore.

I just felt like I was losing it. Everything was spinning, and I felt sick to my stomach, and I said, “Let me off of here!” And he just said, “Not yet.”

Finally, the day had come where I took another shape. All that patting, and molding, and pinching gave me another shape.

And I thought, “Ah, finally!” But then, he put me in this furnace.

It was called the ‘First Firing.’ And it was so hot in there. I couldn’t believe how hot it was, and I thought, “I can’t stand this. I’m going to die. Just get me out of here!

Don’t you love me? Why are you leaving me here?” The oven door had a little glass piece in it, and the master would look through the glass, and just smile.

He had a certain look in his eyes, but he would not let me out! He was watching over me. He never took his eyes off of me, but just wouldn’t let me out. He would just smile at me and say, “Not yet.”

Finally, the oven door opened, and he took me out, and sat me on a shelf. And I thought, “Man, thank God that is over!”

But then he began to paint me all over with this sticky paint, changing my color from gray to this pretty blue that I am now.

And I said, “This stuff stinks. It’s choking me. I do not like this smell. Just stop it!” And he would just look at me with that look, and say, “Not yet.”

Then he put me back in the oven a second time, and it was twice as hot as the first time. I sure didn’t expect to be in there again.

I thought, “I know for sure that I am going to die in here! This is the end of me!

This will finish me off! Get me out of here, God, I can’t stand it!” But he would just look through the glass, and say, “Not yet.”

Then once the door finally opened, and he took me out, and sat me on a shelf and let me cool off.

And after I cooled off, he came by and let me look in a mirror. I looked at myself and I just could not believe how beautiful I was. I could not believe how I had changed. Why I didn’t look anything like that old, gray, lump of clay that I started out being so long ago.

Back then, nobody wanted me, nobody liked me, nobody paid any attention to me. They just kicked me around and walked all over me like I was a piece of trash. But now, I’m special! But I wasn’t always this way.

I Just wanna encourage you today!
To Live each day for God and seek to serve and please Him. Show your gratitude through more than just your words. Let you life show as a testimony of His love for all of those around you to see.You may be in any of those stages, but God will NEVER take His eyes off YOU. Let Him make you into the person He wants YOU to be… Even if it means going through the fire. You will never be the same.


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Woke up this morning to the dawn of a new day….. I said to myself finally DECEMBER is here!! #I MADE IT

I was going through my messages until I stumbled into a heated argument in a christain group I belong to between (2) brothers!!!

Hmmmmmm guess what the argument was about??

What do we feel about listening to circular music? It really bothers me! -stephen oluboyo

I just had to write about this topic……cause its something that’s being on my mind!!

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” – 1 Peter 2:9.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.  – 1 John 2:15-17

One sad truth in Christendom is the fact that many Christians do not recognize their identity in Christ. Being a Christian goes a lot more beyond being called a Christian.

“Being a Christian is a work of a moment but living a Christian is a work of a lifetime” #chew on it

Every Christian has a unique story to tell. However, in the midst of each story is a loving God who gave up is life as ransom for our sins.

Different things and different circumstances had over the years led many to Jesus Christ. Every believer reading this post has been delivered from one bondage of some sort.

The Lord Jesus had met each of us at different points of our lives. Some us have been delivered from drugs, others from excessive partying, clubbing and sexual promiscuity. And many others have been delivered from worldly lusts: the lust for money, the lust for material possessions, and greediness!

But when we became born again by the blood of the Lamb, we became new creatures (2 Cor 2:17), we became the sons and daughters of God (John 1:12), but most significant, we become a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and peculiar people. Halleluyah!

The attributes and identities of believers have been made evident by the apostle Peter in (1Peter 2:9).

There is a reason why God gives the believer all this attributes. It is so that we can “show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvelous light” – 1 Peter 2:9

The bible says we are to show forth the praises of God?

I believe it means doing away with worldly lifestyle; secular music, secular movies and anything that do not glorify our Heavenly Father who loved us and sent His Son to die to save us.

The bible says “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me” –(Gal 2:20).

Being in Christ means we are no more of the world. We have been delivered from the darkness and are now in the marvelous light of God in Christ.

This is why every Christian must grow to a point in their life where they can boldly say NO to secular music and all the profanity and deception that go with it.

Personally I believe one can stop Listening to Secular Music!!!

The lesson in Galatians 2:20 is that Christ lives in us. Every believer must always be conscious of the fact that Christ lives in us.

Whenever we are tempted to sing or play a secular song, pause and ask yourself, “Will Jesus listen to this song I am listening to? Will He dance to this song I am dancing to? I have found this questioning approach to be an effective way to stop or quit listening to secular music.

You can stop listening to secular music by listening to more Godly music. I used to really love R & B hip hop and rap music.

Now I am in Christ and I still enjoy these genres but I do it this time to edify myself and to praise the LORD my God.

I no more listen to those secular artistes singing and rapping about sex, money, drugs and girls. Instead I listen to Christian R&B, Contemporary gospel and gospel rap.

It is the same rhythm but with edifying and uplifting lyrics, I tell you making the decision to Quit listening to secular songs is one of the best things that has happened to me it has really boosted my spiritual life!




You know it’s real easy to get caught up in the world’s message. The world’s message is live for yourself. Jesus says, “Deny yourself”…… The world’s message says ignore the cross. Jesus in this says, “Take up your cross”. The world says, save your life. Jesus says, “Lose your life for my sake and you will find it.” Depend upon me and I will show you newer and higher truth. It’s easy when we are tuned in to the world’s way to forget or we miss out on the truth that God wants to teach us.

Apostle Paul writes:’Now may…God…sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our lord(1Thess5:23)

This word “SANCTIFY” means to be ‘set apart,’ to be used exclusively for Gods purposes…apostle Paul describes it as ‘the high calling of God….and it happens from the Inside Out!

Notice, our fleshly body comes last in order of Transformation for a very simple reason…The problem with a thief isn’t his hands, it’s in his mind or spirit, which tells him stealing is Okay..His mind tells his hands what to do…So if you transform his spirit, his hands will definitely follow suit…..Otherwise you can Handcuff him and take him off to Jail, but he’s still a thief inside…

Too many of us want to get victory over bodily sins without being truly transformed within…But God starts with our spirit because thats the part of our Being that makes us Conscious of God;that connects with Him….When God sets us free in our spirit,then our Emotions and our body begin to fall in line….

Sometimes God allows us to hit the bottom in order to discover that he’s the rock @ the bottom…Gideon faced an army of 135,000 troops with just 300 men!!!
Do the maths…Gideon’s thinking, “There’s no way we can win!” Then God explains: ‘The people who are with you are too many for me to give Midian into your hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me” Judges7:2)

There it is again, the age-old battle of Ego that we all fight daily….that is why the lord’s prayer ends with:”Thine is the kingdom,and the power and the glory, forever…Amen’ Mat6:13)

Where does our power come from? God! Who should the glory for our accomplishments go to? GOD! How long those this arrangement last? FOREVER!!!

You know often times if we follow the Lord, even if his plan seems momentarily disappointing, we will be led to see newer and higher truth that we never would have seen or understood had we not followed him.

I have come to realise that God will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to break us of our self-sufficiency so that the life of Jesus can be demonstrated through us!!

End is not the end. In fact E.N.D. means Efforts Never Dies. If you get No as an answer, then remember NO means Next Opportunity. Always be positive!



Was just chilling with my MP3 and the track by Israel and the new breed came on “To worship you I live” and I couldn’t help but wonder what’s the true meaning of worship??

There has been much confusion in the church about what “worship” really is and what it means to “be in the Spirit.

John 4:23 says “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.”

To worship means to show respect and honor to God, and when in his physical presence, that means to prostrate oneself in a manner in which you are showing his superiority over yourself.

What we do not see in the definition is any reference to music, to the raising of hands, or to any of the other things that happen in what many churches refer to as a “worship” service.

I am not saying that some of these things can not be done when worshiping, but they are not what defines worship nor are they required to do so.

Rom 12:1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship . 2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.

To worship is to live a life that is holy and pleasing to God. That is something we should do every hour of every day, not only in instances of corporate gatherings or celebrations. To worship means we are to honor God, show him reverence and live a life that is holy and pleasing to him. Obedience in complete submission to God is this the most meaningful act of worship we can perform.

To worship God in Spirit means simply that we must have His Spirit, not that His Spirit must make us do, feel, or experience something unusual!!

1 Cor 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?

So to worship God in Spirit and in truth means to become saved so we are indwelt by the Spirit. We then must study the Scripture, through the illumination of the Spirit, to find the truth and through the power of the Spirit obey what we read and live a life that is holy and pleasing to God,. This is how we worship God in Spirit and in truth.
There may be times that we decide to physically react to the Lord as we worship Him. We may want to praise Him and show him honor in physical ways. Falling face before Him as you earnestly pray for a request, clapping your hands as you sing of his glory, raising your hands or saying an amen to display your agreement with Him are some ways that we may do that. It is important, however, to remember that those actions are merely our response to worship, they are not, in themselves, the act of worship. To worship means to show honor, respect and the superiority of the one you are worshiping. It must therefore always be respectful. True worship will draw attention to the one we are honoring, not to ourselves. We do that best, not by the actions we display in front of others during corporate worship, but by living a life each and every day that is holy and pleasing to the Lord.

People often think of worship as singing songs during church services, but it’s so much more. Worship means to bring or give God glory. There are many different ways we can worship God. You can also worship God with your mind by not thinking evil or sinful thoughts (Philippians 4:8).

When you give generously, speak words of encouragement and serve others, you’re also worshipping God. And, of course, praising Him through prayer and song is a great way to worship. God wants you to worship Him with every part of your life.

Hebrews 12:28-29 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. 29 for our “God is a consuming fire.” 

IT IS A LIFESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE IT


In my life have been through some adversity…but Gods Grace has seen me through thus far…..Everyone goes through Adversity…looking @ the life of Moses, the lawgiver and liberator to whom God gave the Ten commandments…His name is still known all over the earth even long after his death..But remember,this same Moses was a murderer…He was listed in Egypt as Public enemy number One, A fugitive from justice who fled to the wilderness where he lived 40 years as a sheperd….. Yet with the Chisel of Adversity God was shaping Moses to stand in Pharaoh’s palace and announce, ‘Let my people Go!’ A nation was born because this man refused to stop struggling to achieve his divine destiny…. Don’t be paralyzed by your past…If God used Moses, He can also you….the Phrase to remember when things go wrong or look really bizzare is: ‘GET OVA IT!’ Have u been hurt? Get over it! Have you bin betrayed? Get over it! Have you failed? Get over it!

Apostle paul said, ‘In everything give thanks.’ In reversal, give thanks..In heartache, give thanks…In poverty and Prosperity, give thanks.

Isaiah 40:28-31  Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God,   the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary,and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength;   they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary;   they shall walk and not faint.
God is greater than that criticism u are getting…He’s greater than the giants you are facing…he is greater than that Mountain you are climbing..He is greater than the Burdens you are carrying….

It is so refreshing to know that we can rest in the strength and comfort that God will provide when facing troubles of many kinds. Let Him have the glory and show himself strong. 2Chronicles 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.” God wants to show Himself strong on your behalf. Surrender to Him today and let the peace that He gives you take over. We cannot fully serve God without full surrender to his Strength.

Look @ the biblical record of men and women who chose to focus on the Silver lining, not the Dark cloud….this people did not curse the darkness, Rather they shone a light and scattered it..

Are you struggling through a situation today and are grasping for answers? How should you respond? Respond with faith and not fear, knowing the promises of God and His mighty hand will hold you through any situation!

Matthew 21:21  And Jesus answered them,  “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen.

They chose the right attitude…AN ATTITUDE of FAITH… I urge you to stop hiding from success because you are afraid to fail…FAILURE means you are a learner,not a Loser…Stop fearing Risk!
Take God’s Hand, step out and Fulfil his purpose and Vision 4 your life!
Pls share the link with your friends God bless


This is one of my favorite bible verses….Romans 8:37-39 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. HALLELUYAH!!!

It takes BOLDNESS to follow God instead of the crowd. Being excessively concerned about what others think leads only to torment. We usually have to be willing to lose something we have in order to gain what we really want in life, & that means we have to stop comparing ourselves to other people’s standards & start living for God.

People who are real friends will help you be all God wants you to be. They won’t judge you for following God’s call. Real friends will encourage you to make God #1 in your life.

You have to walk in the hope that things will get better.

They had to get bad for you to exercise your hope. Your hope is only tried when things go wrong. And your hope must be tried so that it can be strengthened, and your hope in the invisible God of heaven and his righteous return will be solid.

When God brings you out of all this you are going through, your hope will have produced what could not be seen. In other words, your hope, when it’s tested, will produce what it did not have. So, keep your hope in your words and your actions, not just inside of you.

Don’t just know it, but speak it and act on it. You will survive and live past this test and your hope will be fulfilled.
Even if everyone else walks away from you, He promises to never leave you or forsake you. Life gets too complicated, confusing & frustrating when we try to please both God & people.

You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone & worry what people think about you. Live life for God & be free to be who He made YOU to be….*points his finger* YES YOU!!!

Psalm 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid?


Was just chilling @ the lounge @ my faculty…waiting for a friend…when I got talking to this girl….she kept saying she didn’t feel beautiful enough…it got me so worried cause she was tied to the WORDLY definition of being “beautiful” and failed to see the AGNOSIA that had blinded her to see how beautiful she was……I said to myself if only she knew God’s definition of beauty is GENUINE and full of TRUTH…the opposite of the FAKE beauty the world offers her.

Every detail of you was made by God – the freckles that you wish weren’t there, the birth mark that embarrasses you, the parts of your body that you wish were smaller, all of it was designed by a wonderful Creator who doesn’t make junk.

Does anyone think my body is beautiful?

Yes!  God created every detail of you!  God is enthralled by your beauty!Psalm 45:11

God thinks you are breathtakingly beautiful. In Psalm 45 the Bible tells the story of a beautiful princess joyfully being led to marry the King, her groom, and that King is enthralled with the princess’s beauty. The King does not merely think His bride is pretty rather He is enthralled by her beauty – she is gorgeous and He can’t take His eyes off of her – that’s how God views you!

God’s definition of beauty is eternal – the opposite of the fleeting beauty the world offers.

I asked some of my Twitter followers what society has taught them about physical beauty. Their answers?
1.) Skinny is perfect.
2.) To be what everyone else wants to see & also to show it off
3.) That you have to be unhealthily thin, have straight white teeth, wear skimpy clothes, and be really tan to be “cool.”
4.) If you aren’t “model” material, you aren’t beautiful enough.

Guess what ladies? Society has lied to you!! Proof? Even models aren’t “model material!”

God’s definition of beauty is external and internal.

“Your beauty should not merely come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”
1 Peter3:3-4

The beauty the world offers is merely external, but God gives us beauty that is not only external but also internal. The beauty God offers us is not shallow, but is full of depth and character.

Many godly women in the Bible were called beautiful – Sarah, Abigail, Rebekah, and Esther, but what made these women truly shine was their internal beauty.

True beauty is having confidence in yourself. It’s knowing who you are, despite what society tells you about who you should be.

You are enough….

You are a child of God (John 1:12)
You are precious (Psalm 139:17-18, 1Peter 3:3-4, Isaiah 43:4)
You are beautiful (Song of Solomon 4:1)
You are valuable (Proverbs 31:10, Malachi 3:17, Luke 12:7)
You have a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11)
You are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27)
You are chosen. (1Peter 2:9)
You are crowned with honor (Psalms 8:3-5)
You are a new creation (2Corinthians 5:17)
You are loved (Psalm 36:5)

As Christians if we spend our lives developing internal beauty then we can have joy knowing that we are developing beauty that will not fade over time, but will only grow stronger and more beautiful over the years.

God appreciates external beauty, but He wants us to focus more on internal beauty!


Hey people
What you are going through right now is important,because God is weighing it in the light of your future..God doesn’t measure us in terms of our present condition or comfort level…No, He has a far greater plan in mind. ‘God knew [us] before he made the world,and he chose US to be like his SON'(Romans8:29)…

Imagine that! One day we will be just like Jesus; doesn’t that blow your mind? ‘In the coming ages ‘God is going to put us on display and say.’Look at my Workmanship…Can you believe that I made these glorified creatures from clay? When i first scooped them off the ground they wouldn’t hold water….But i worked with them, Moulded them and raised them up until they held relationships, and ministries, and concepts, and Jobs…What you heard about them was true…They were a disgrace and a disaster, but His grace was Sufficient,Now they will sit with Me, ruling and reigning for ever!’ When it comes to performing the impossible, he parted the Red Sea, put the sun on hold for 24hrs, turned water into Wine, resurrected the dead, and he did it all with such STYLE?



Have you ever wondered how anybody could find you lovable? For many of us the question becomes a self-fulfilling Prophecy…The fear of Rejection is so intense that we protect ourselves by the following:
Vowing never to let anybody get close enough to hurt us again…Sounds good in theory,but by closing others out we close ourselves in, and all our relationships suffer..

Putting on your best ‘game face’ I’m tough! Who needs others people anyway? As a result nobody meets our needs..
Pushing others away…When we feel rejected we imagine we are being attacked even when we are not..So we put on our boxing gloves and come out swinging..Lol

Trying to buy rejection-protection by doing favors for people..Or by putting up with abusive relationships because we think it’s what we deserve and it may be our last chance @ LOVE!

Practising PERFECTIONISM..Give it up! God already loves you Unconditionally, and Human standards vary so much that you’ll never make everybody happy no matter how hard you try…. As long as you keep trading with a diminished sense of worth, you’ll keep attracting the wrong people..

So listen up.’Our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are.’ And that’s only the beginning…when christ is…revealed,we’ll…become like him’ (1john3:2). If your SELF-WORTH comes from any opinion other than God’s, you’ll always be VULNERABLE…
Your CRITICS will diminish you; trying and failing will keep you from rising again..Worst of all, you’ll never discover or be discovered for the UNIQUE and Wonderful person God made you to BE.
Your self worth should come only from God…allow him define you!!!!!

Everyday we get to hit the restart button. Leave every mistake behind and move forward allowing God to lead the way.


Hey people It is impossible to SUCCEED in life without OVERCOMING your PAST…..When one of my Cousin’s started to Learn the PIANO his teacher told him his hands were “too small to master the Keyboard”….Yet the DESIRE in his Soul drove him to become the BEST pianist in his church….Also When i first started SINGING, my peers said i “Sounded like the wind whistling through the window”…others said i sounded like “a Frog”. LOL….yet i refused to be put off by their reactions; Instead i started working on myself and before i knew it,i got to a level of sonorousity….the same peepz who CRITICIZED me started showering PRAISES on me!! Am not tryna hype myself or blow my trumpets to you guyz….coz i know am still a work in Progress!! But let me tell YOU If you need inspiration to Overcome your life’s Obstacles, look no further than CHRIST….Society called his birth ILLEGITIMATE,he was born into a hated MINORITY who experienced brutal oppression every day…The recognized church branded him a HERETIC…The state called him an INSURRECTIONIST too dangerous to live..One of his closest friends BETRAYED Him to enrich himself…He was SENTENCED without a FAIR trial and died like a COMMON CRIMINAL!!

And what was his response to His suffering, and ours? “Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (john16:33)

We spend far too much time crying over SPILT MILK…Rather than giving attention to the most important assignment, we have every morning our CHOICE of an attitude…We waste our time and energy on things that cannot be changed…You cannot change the death of a loved one…neither can You change the fact that you deserved something and you ended up not getting it….The PAST is over, Look forward…PRESS on! GOD says, ‘The plans i have 4 YOU…..are….good’ (jer29:11) That simply means the BEST is yet to BE!! So forget those things which are BEHIND…CHEER UP and MOVE ON!
For you are a OVERCOMER…in CHRIST JESUS!!!



I Have come to realise that the world that celebrates success doesn’t see value in Broken things…but God brings beauty out of BROKENNESS. For a plant to rise from the Soil the seed must be broken…For a baby chick to experience larger life the shell must be broken..Even a thorough bred horse must be broken; it must LEARN to respond to the tug of the REIN and the SOUND of the master’s voice…Getting the idea?

After a humbling encounter with CHRIST on the Damascus Road, Paul re-evaluated all the religious activity he once boasted about and called it ‘DUNG'(phil3:8) And you don’t brag about dung, you’re repulsed by it…. BROKENNESS is the work of GOD by which he STRIPS us of SELF-SUFFICIENCY so that the CHARACTER of Christ may shine through us..Now don’t misunderstand me; being broken doesn’t necessarily mean experiencing some TRAGEDY..Many peepz suffer tragedy without drawing closer to GOD or even acknowledging HIM…Indeed, the same SUNSHiNE that melts the butter hardens the ClAY…The issue in BROKENESS is not so much in our circumstances,but our RESPONSE…WHAT IS GOD TRYING TO TEACH US? True BROKENESS is when he strips us of self-sufficiency to the extent that we
have no STRENGTH left to FIX ourselves…When God blocks every EXIT we try to take and we come to see that he alone is our ANSWER,we make a life changing discovery…And what’s that? you ask…When GOD is all you have GOD is all you NEED!

BOTTOM LINE: God’s power is reserved for those who have given up trying do it in their OWN strength…LET GO AND LET GOD!


I have come to realise that so many of us have made it our life’s work to change someone else’s opinion of us…We’re determined to prove to them that we are valuable..Now,you can’t be like the guy who Quipped, ‘I like talking to myself,because i like dealing with a better class of people..But neither can you base your worth on the opinions of those who put you down…. “When A vice president of a country was thrust into the presidency by the death of the President, his friend; took him aside and said, ‘You’re going to have lots of people around you…And they will tell you what a great man you are, But you and I both know you ain’t”…As it turned out, the vice-president became a truly great president…. Until you QUIT agreeing with those who’ve mistreated YOU, or bowing to the events that crippled you emotionally, you ll remain locked in a prison of your own making…When your critic’s Opinion becomes your opinion, you have succeeded in building a prison inside your Soul with only one prisoner; YOU! YES YOU….

Are you prepared to accept that some of the people you have spent your life trying to Impress, may never be Impressed? AND can you accept that from God’s perspective; it doesn’t matter? To succeed in life you must be able to work alongside People without allowing yourself to be controlled by their moods or governed by their Opinions..If you are weak in faith, in mind, in body, in discipline, in self-control, or in determination, simply wait on God. He will be strong through your weakness.

Isaiah 40:31 teaches that if you expect God, look for Him, and hope in Him, you will change and renew your strength and power; you will run, and not faint or become tired. The Bible doesn’t say “hope so, it could be, or it may be”; it declares that you will be renewed.

Become the new you that each new day can bring!
Finally,do not try to win the APPROVAL of men, but of GOD!


Do you know you have a Treasure within you?? God put it there…It’s in your unique Qualities, plus the fire in your soul..Life may have thrown cold water on that fire but God can rekindle it…Note, this treasure within you is from God…And what he owns He protects,He nurtures,and will use to His Glory..But God is a wise businessman;when He invests He expects a Return!! It’s said that the “wealthiest Spot on Planet Earth is not the Oil fields of Kuwait or the Diamond mines of South Africa..No, the richest deposits lie in your local cemetery”…Buried beneath Those SACRED grounds are dreams that never came to pass, Songs that were never Sung, Books that were never written, Ideas that were never shared, Inventions that were never Designed, Plans that never got beyond the drawing board of the Mind, and purposes that were never fulfilled…Only a tiny Percentage of those who live on this planet will discover and fulfil their true Potential..Do you want to be one of them? Ask yourself: Who am I? Why did God put me here? How much Potential do i have?..How can i maximise my ability for his Glory? The answers to these Questions lie within US…. BEFORE U SPOKE YOUR FIRST WORD OR TOOK YOUR FIRST STEP…GOD HAD A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE…

YOU SAY,’But i have failed so badly.’Maybe, but it’s AMAZING what God can do with a broken Life when you give him all the pieces!!!



Did You Fall Hard Enough?

Take a look at this man. What do you see? I don’t know about you, but I see love, passion, forgiveness, mercy, grace, my past, present, and future. I see a man who came from wealth into poverty, so that we could go from poverty into wealth. And I’m not talking about money, here.
So, let me ask you a question… When you fell, did you fall hard enough? There is a difference between loving Jesus, and being IN love with him. So many people will jump up in an instant and claim to be in love with him. But how many of us really are? It is absolutely heartbreaking how far people will drive to go see their favorite worship band in concert, or hear their favorite speaker, yet, they won’t even roll out of bed 20 minutes early to spend time with Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong to like certain bands or anything. But, if we were truly in love with Jesus, we would be more focused on him, than focused on what’s going on up on stage. Just look at him! There is no greater image of love, then the bloody cross. You shouldn’t have to go any farther than the cross to fall in love with Jesus. I refuse to look at his torn body, and be goverened by my own flesh. Not that I, by any means am perfect. That is certainly not the case. My point is, looking at what this man did for us over 2,000 years ago, shouldn’t we be willing to step out of our comfort zone? Instead of going to church and sitting on your pew all service, why not be that one person that gets on the average christian’s nerves…? Truth is, we were born to make people who are wasting their passion feel uncomfortable! Yet too many times, rather than standing out from the crowd, all we do is conform to them. As I was listening to Damon Thompson speak one morning, he brought up this point. In John chapter 1, verse 42, Jesus changes Simon’s name to Peter. “And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone.” Now, fast forward several years, to the time of Christ’s crucifixion. In Matthew 26:35 Jesus tells Peter that he will deny him. Peter responds promising Jesus that he will go to the death with him, not deny him. How many of us say that to Jesus? We tell him that we love him, and we would give up anything for him. But when if comes down to it, would you really? Or would you fall into conformity? Peter did. Verse 70 says that Peter denied Jesus before all of them. Peter denied Jesus not one, but three times that night. After the ressurrection of Jesus, he looked at Peter and said, “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me?” Ouch. Can you imagine how Peter must have felt here? Jesus didn’t even call him Peter. He called him by his old name, as if he didn’t even recognize him as Peter, but as the man he used to be. Peter had denied Jesus 3 times. But Jesus was “restoring” Peter by having him openly tell Jesus that he loved him, 3 times. We do this so often. We confess Jesus with our lips, but when the going gets tough, we’re nowhere to be found. And Judas was the perfect example of how we betray Jesus with our lips, say what we want, but then go against him with our actions.
After everything that Jesus went through, for us, people need to start getting fanatical about him! We need to be “Jesus Junkies.” Or, “Jesus stalkers.” I stalk Jesus. I have cd’s that make me want to be with Him. I wake up in the middle of the night to be with Him. I’d rather die than be without Him.
People get fanatical, and nobody looks down on them for cheering on a team of 20 year old boys knocking each other to the ground, and chasing a ball around the yard. Its acceptable to be fanatical about something that doesnt matter. But get fanatical about something that does matter, and you make people uncomfortable!! Why is that??? We should want more than just a surface experience. We should fall until he’s all we burn for. Because let me tell ya, if you don’t get God’s fire in you, you’ll settle for the devil’s fire.


Hey, ladies. I want to share something with you that God has really been weighing heavy on my heart lately. One that every girl struggles with at some point in life. 

So, let’s talk modesty. 

One statement that I hear quite frequently is, “Well, God looks on the heart… Not the way I am dressed. So I can wear what I want… Right?” Actually, no. It is true that God looks on the heart. But He is the ONLY one who can look upon your heart. What about everyone around you? They see your outward appearance. What you wear on the outside reveals a little bit about who you are on the inside. 

I love the way that Nancy DeMoss describes modesty. She said, “As women, clothing and appearance are some of the most powerful and important means we have of sending a message about our hearts and our values. So here’s the question. What do your clothes and your appearance communicate about you?” 

Which now brings me to a few questions of my own. 


1.) When choosing what clothes to wear, whose attention do you desire and whose approval do you crave? Are you seeking to please God or to impress others?


2.) Who are you trying to identify with? Is the Word of God your standard, or the latest fashion?


3.) What do your clothes say about your heart? 


4.) If I were to pick any random person off the street and ask them to tell me what kind of person that they believe you are, just by your dress, what would they have to say about you? 



“And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves.” -1 Timothy 2:9 (NLT) 

Ladies, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say – “I am BEAUTIFUL! Thank you God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am PERFECT for my PURPOSE!

The “Right time”

Susan Deborahs

Ecclesiastes 3: 1

For everything there is a season,
    a time for every activity under heaven.

There is truly a time for everything in our lives and I feel as though nowadays there is this pressure to rush through life and to know 100% what each season entails. However I believe the times that you don’t know why, what, or how is a season within itself and it’s okay.

There are going to be times in our lives where we feel as though we don’t know what we are doing and we are completely failing. There are going to be those times and it’s normal, it is an activity within itself honey!

There is going to be seasons when you feel as though you are the only one single, or everybody else is hooking up accept for you but it’s okay, because it’s a season (I was there chile!)…

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The Race Is Not To The Swift


Ecclesiastes 9:11

I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

Growing up this scripture was a huge consolation to me. It gave me sweet hope! You see I wasn’t the smartest or the prettiest or the most outgoing person around. In fact, I was none of these things. I was a little book smart but I quickly found out that in the real world, book smarts don’t matter much.

Needless to say I always felt disadvantaged in one way or the other. So imagine my joy when I read that the fast don’t always finish first, the strong don’t always win and not all the brilliant people out there get to be wealthy. This meant…

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Here’s What Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photos Teach Us About Society

Act to gain respect, not attention. It lasts longer.

James Michael Sama

By now, you are probably aware of the nude photos that Kim Kardashian recently had put on the cover of Paper Magazine. I am not going to post them in this article – if you want to see them, they are easy to find.

Anytime something like this arises and there is a little (or a lot) of backlash from the public, people tell us to stop talking about it. “Just don’t mention it, that’s what she wants.”


I think this is missing the point of what is being said. Just because there are conversations and attention swirling around an event, does not mean that good or the intended kinds of attention are being brought to it.

We should be talking about these photos, because not only have we [as society] made this possible in the first place, but it is coming back around and messages are being sent to…

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Pick something up

Anietie Bature

I happily loosened my Ghanaian weave on Friday evening. It was a good look but it was due for a change and I looked forward to something fresh and really nice. While looking through a collection of family photos, I came across one in which my hair was absolutely stunning. It was braided and nicely curled from the middle of each braid to the tip. I decided to repeat that style, but I took along my weave-on as back up… you know, just in case.

Well, I got to the salon a little earlier than I usually do and there were not enough stylists on ground to get the job done in good time so I decided to go with plan B as it required only one stylist. To cut the long story short, I ended up spending about the same time or more than I would have spent on…

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Got It All Together…?


You may have all the technique and technical stuff down when it comes to Christianity, but are you pursuing for more in God, more in your relationship with Him. Christianity is more than church, it is more than singing a slow song with your hands raised.

God is not interested in the ‘altogether’ part of your life. You know, the neat and tidy areas like the sitting room or parlour that you only let visitors see. He is not interested in the superficial. He is interested in the authenticity of our lives, the messy areas, like that one room or garage in the house with all the junk. If you don’t let Him into the mess, He can’t clear it up.

God dropped what I’ve written below in my heart during my Church’s worship night this evening. I had to quickly write it down messily (see right image lol), knowing that…

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Three things I’ve learned from 50 days of marriage.

Forever Spinning Plates.

Hello there! 

So 50 days ago I got married to the love of my life. Safe to say, I have no regrets, we are blissfully happy and every day I feel like I’m getting to know my husband, Aaron, in a deeper way. Nonetheless, I wanted to share three things I perhaps wouldn’t have thought important prior to marriage. Three things that our happy instagram photos wouldn’t tell you. So here goes:

1. I am not the boss. So I’m a naturally bossy person. In fact, I can be quite obnoxious and I have a bad habit of thinking that I know everything. So when it came to marriage, of course I was ready. I had been reading relationship books for years. I knew all about love languages and gender differences, I was confident I’d be a loving, serving, patient, supportive wife. Seriously, I thought I was SO ready. Fifty days later…

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I am NOT Overlooked! I am Valued in Christ!


I am NOT Overlooked! I am Valued in Christ!


Have you ever felt that as a woman of God, you can be overlooked? In your season of waiting for your godly man to arrive, can it be lonely? Can it be discouraging? Do you feel that you are not valued because of what you represent and stand for as a daughter of Christ? Do you feel like saying at times, or may have uttered these exact words, “Lord, when is my time coming?”  Well ladies, you are NOT alone. I have dealt with these feelings too and still feel this way at times, BUT the Lord is worthy through it all.




Psalm 139:13-16(MSG)

13-16 Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;

   you formed me in my mother’s womb.

I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!

   Body and soul, I am marvelously made!

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